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Having lived in multiple cities with vibrant and innovative brewing scenes, the owners of the company wanted to bring the beer and experience of craft brewing to the Panhandle of Nebraska.

Since 2018, and the first brewery in the Nebraska Panhandle, Flyover Brewing Company takes pride in it’s beer, food and location. We use equipment made in Lincoln, malt produced in Nebraska, and locally grown adjuncts such as sugar beets in our brewing. Brewed by an award winning professional brewer with years of experience in the craft, the brewery produces both true to style lagers and ales along with innovative locally themed brews.

Located in a completely renovated building in downtown Scottsbluff, beer enthusiasts can enjoy an atmosphere usually only found in larger cities, while sitting on the patio watching small town life pass by.


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Meet the Brewer
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We are excited to soon welcome our new brewer, Brandon Consolver, from Washington State.  He brings his knowledge of the beer scene and brewing styles of the Pacific Northwest. We cannot wait to try his first Nebraska made beer.



Want to join the Flyover Family?

We are always looking for fun, beer-loving, service-focused people to join our family. Check back occasionally to view our list of available positions, and job descriptions.

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1824 Broadway, Downtown Scottsbluff


Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Sunday  11:00am-11:00pm

Monday - Closed

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